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There are many advantages to working at home. I treat this like a job which means I’m in front of the computer working by 9 am and work through the day. If it’s a day with no appointments I’m on the computer all day, cell phone and land line next to the computer. The time I save driving I can use to extend my work day (or not).

The photo below was taken on Dec. 14; it was a day I worked from home. We had several inches of snow over the weekend and the roads were icy. The heavy snow fall increased the bird activity in the front yard – My desk faces the front yard. On Dec. 14 the bird activity was a bit unique. 5 pheasant roosters and 1 pheasant hen wandered over from across the road and decided to join the juncos, blue jays, doves, cardinals, etc.

I saw 2 more roosters across the road- they joined their friends the next day. Now I have 7 roosters and 2 hens showing up in my front yard on a pretty regular basis. I’m not bragging or anything, but sometimes you just can’t beat the bennies of working from home!

pheasants in my front yard

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