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Spring is approaching and soon most of this year’s home sales will be hitting the market. Spring and summer are typically when most of the homes sell in North Oakland and Lapeer counties. But it is also the time most houses go on the market. And if you are trying to sell those houses are called competition.

The first thing a prospective buyer will see is the front, exterior of your house. The MLS requires a front view as the main view and most web sites like Zillow and Realtor dot com pull their data from the MLS. Often times a buyer will want to drive past before seeing the interior.

So, if you are going to be selling, now is a good time to take a good look at a prospective buyer’s first look. Are you going to need to paint? Trim bushes and/or trees? Buy a few flats of flowers? Clean windows? Is your yard going to need a good weed and feed?

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What Does BATVI Mean?

Simply- Buyer Agent To Verify Information.

This is also known as an ass covering, or in my opinion, a waste of precious space in the limited space allotted in the MLS.

If you are selling a Southeast MI home, check your MLS sheet to make sure it is complete and accurate with several quality photos included. The MLS is in place to sell your listing to the buyers’ agents. If I am going to show 5 houses to someone and 10 show up in the MLS search, poorly filled out listings probably won’t make the cut.

Often times BATVI gets replaced by CHP or EXP (price change or expired listing).

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